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The Santis team shares its insights on the key sectors and factors driving decisions and change in the health care and life sciences sector across Canada.

Goodbye majority, hello minority: What the federal election means for health care

The Liberals have lost their majority and will now require the support of either the NDP, the Bloc Québécois, or the Conservative Party to pass legislation in the House of Commons. Despite winning the popular vote, the Conservative Party could not muster enough support to top the Liberals in number of seats won.

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SANTIS ANNOUNCEMENT: Santis expands its digital health expertise

Santis Health is expanding its digital health expertise as Ben King joins the Toronto office as an Associate. With over a decade of experience, Ben has extensive digital health knowledge that will enable Santis to better meet the needs of its clients who are increasingly looking to evolve their digital health portfolios.

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Ontario’s Appropriateness Working Group Submits First Phase Recommendations

On Thursday, August 22, 2019, the first phase recommendations of Ontario’s Appropriateness Working Group were announced and included 11 recommendations, making changes to OHIP-insured services, tests, and procedures for patients in Ontario. Phase two is ongoing and an announcement on those recommendations are expected in the Spring. These recommendations have already been accepted by the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Medical Association (OMA).

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