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Creating a Roadmap for Success Through Enabling Plans: Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care


Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care (Waypoint) is an academic and teaching hospital located on the shores of Georgian Bay. It provides specialized inpatient and outpatient mental health and addictions services and geriatrics services, while simultaneously delivering the province’s only high-security forensic mental health program.

In 2022, Santis Health supported Waypoint Mental Health Centre in developing integrated enabling plans that will serve as a roadmap for the organization to deliver on its remaining commitments in its ongoing strategic plan. The plans aimed to align efforts across five areas in the organization (Clinical Services, Research and Academics, People, Quality Risk and Safety, and Digital) around shared goals over the next three years.

What Santis Did

Santis supported Waypoint through a critical period of organizational transformation. Santis was responsible for creating and leading the following:

  • An intensive engagement approach to liaise with key internal and external stakeholders. We worked closely with Waypoint’s leadership team through numerous interviews and workshops, and gained additional insight from members of the Board, key system stakeholders, thought leaders, and Waypoint staff members.
  • Workshops with the Senior Leadership Team and Board to determine key priorities and the strategic direction of the organization.
  • A comprehensive internal review and broader environmental scanning.
  • An examination of the organization across the five plans, considering the operational effectiveness of current practices, organizational capacity and aligning the strategic goals, future aspirations, and overall vision of the organization.
  • An accountability model that aligned with the integrated enabling plans.
  • The writing and design of the Enabling Plans document outlining the background, operating context, parameters, and approach, and the five enabling plans, designed for use with both internal and external audiences to help Waypoint communicate their priorities and showcase the work underway. 


Santis’ work contributed to the following outcomes:

  • Strengthening relationships with partners and system stakeholders: Santis conducted in-depth conversations with key internal and external stakeholders, developing plans that are informed by the system’s broader needs. The five Enabling Plans were shared with key relevant stakeholders to further their communication, collaboration and engagement efforts.
  • Enhancing alignment across the organization: Santis worked closely Waypoint’s leadership team to support the development of their enabling plans, focusing on ensuring buy-in and accountability and demonstrating the areas of alignment across all of Waypoint’s activities.
  • Delivering on the strategic plan while considering the organization’s evolving and future strategic direction:The development of the five new enabling plans reinforced the organization’s commitment to advancing the 2020-2025 strategic plan, adapting their approach in response to a rapidly changing environment, and positioning themselves for new exciting and innovative opportunities. These integrated plans will help optimize Waypoint’s resources in order to produce the greatest impact for patients/clients, families, staff, partners, and communities. 

Our Work In Action