Santis Health is a public affairs, strategic advisory, public policy, marketing and communication consultancy that is dedicated to providing first-class counsel and support for clients exclusively in the health care and life sciences sectors across the country.

Our approach is strategic by design, with a focus on leveraging a deep understanding of the sector in order to develop a tailored plan to help organizations, associations and companies achieve measurable, lasting outcomes.

Communications and Branding

Through tailored and targeted messaging, our clients’ issues receive the attention they deserve with the government, the media and the public. We create impactful outcomes through the development of advocacy campaigns, websites, media releases, stakeholder and community engagement plans, position papers and annual reports.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Santis has built trusted relationships with the people that matter most to our public and private sector clients. Working at the intersection of health care, policy, politics and innovation across Canada, we help clients navigate the system, overcome obstacles, develop partnerships, and accelerate success.

Government Relations

Our federal and provincial government relations experts know what it takes to get government on your side. As funder, regulator, purchaser, organizer and communicator, government is the most powerful influence in the Canadian health care system. Successful relations with government is our priority and your key to long-term success.

Policy Development and Analysis

Santis’ research and analysis services help you to understand the impact of new public policy on your organization. With innovative solutions, we help you navigate the complexities of public policy to advance your organizational objectives.

Strategic Planning and Management Consulting

Santis Health offers strategic advisory services to Canadian and international clients looking to better understand Canada’s health care and government climate and propel forward your business and organizations.

We work with senior leadership teams and boards of directors to help organizations identify key environmental challenges and ultimately succeed in a disruptive policy environment. Through intensive planning sessions and a custom-built facilitation framework, Santis Health immerses itself in the work of our clients. Our work includes strategic planning and change management, conducting environmental scans, needs assessments, reviews, system redesign projects and business case development.