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Santis Webinar | Cervical Cancer and the Cost of Doing Nothing


January 30, 2024 – The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has committed to the ambitious target of eliminating cervical cancer by 2040. Despite advancements through vaccination and provincial Pap test initiatives, Canada lags behind other nations in achieving this goal.

The eradication of cervical cancer requires bold leadership, innovative solutions, and progressive policies that challenge the status quo. It requires a concerted effort to overcome barriers and implement comprehensive cervical cancer and HPV screening programs nationwide.

During Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, Santis Health and BD-Canada partnered to host a conversation exploring the tangible steps policymakers, clinicians and health systems can take to progress the goal of eradicating cervical cancer. Together, with panelists from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and 19 to Zero, we explore what it will take to make good on Canada’s promise to eliminate this cancer within the next two decades.