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Santis Webinar | Unpacking Ontario’s Approach to Connected and Convenient Care


With the recent release of Your Health: A Plan for Connected and Convenient Care, the Ontario government has outlined its broader health strategy for the next few years.

Building on plans to expand the Independent Health Facilities model into new community surgical and diagnostic centres and large investments in education and training for health professionals, there are significant changes both underway and in the pipeline for Ontario’s health system.

This webinar will give health system stakeholders an opportunity to learn more about Ontario’s new plan, as well as the government’s recent investments and reforms aimed at tackling the province’s health human resources crisis, address the surgical backlog, and ease pressure on a stretched hospital system. The webinar will also examine Ontario’s new health legislation and regulations and discuss how the government is seeking to improve access to care.

On Wednesday, March 8 experts from Santis Health sat down to provide their insights and discuss how these changes will affect the province’s health care system.

Watch the webinar here.