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Santis Webinar | Why Change is the New Constant in B.C.’s Health Care System

B.C.’s health system has experienced unprecedented pressures over the past few years, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has stretched it to the breaking point. Out of sheer necessity, health systems across Canada are being compelled to change and innovate at an exceedingly rapid pace in order to deliver better outcomes.

In addition, competition with other sectors and industries for an ever-shrinking labour pool has triggered a total re-think of how we attract, retain and maintain the workforce needed to deliver both direct care and support services. Decision makers are working against the clock to chart the path forward and make difficult decisions on how to allocate finite resources to build a more robust system for the future.

Watch Santis Health’s webinar to hear from our panel of experts as they offer their unique perspectives on the challenges ahead, what options are available to government, health authorities and health professional representatives, and how to balance competing interests in British Columbia and across the country.

Watch the webinar here.