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AI Podcast Series: Exploring the Crossroads of AI and Clinical Care
August 15, 2023

AI Podcast Series: Exploring the Crossroads of AI and Clinical Care

Artificial intelligence has made remarkable advancements in recent years, with the potential to revolutionize the health care industry. From aiding in disease diagnosis and treatment planning to optimizing patient care and streamlining administrative tasks, AI systems can enhance medical outcomes and improve the overall efficiency of health care delivery.

However, along with these promising advancements, we must also critically examine the ethical dilemmas and regulatory hurdles accompanying AI integration in our health care systems.

In this first episode of Santis’ two-part AI Podcast Series, Ben King and Dr. Jaron Chong discuss the implementation of artificial intelligence in the practice of radiology. We unpack the evolving AI discussion since Dr. Chong began practicing, and explore the need for oversight to ensure AI augments, not replaces, the capabilities of radiologists to benefit patient care.

Dr. Jaron Chong MD, MHI, FRCPC is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Medical Imaging at Western University. He completed his diagnostic radiology residency training at McGill University with an Abdominal Imaging fellowship at Yale New-Haven Hospital and a Masters in Health Informatics at the University of Toronto. His clinical interests include cross-sectional abdominal imaging, Abdominal/GU oncologic imaging in MRI and CT modalities, with research interests in the appropriate utilization of medical imaging and AI-assisted augmented radiology. He also serves as the Chair of the Canadian Association of Radiologists Artificial Intelligence Standing Committee.