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Episode 10: Health Profession Regulation – Is Ontario’s Current Model Working?
November 15, 2020

Like many jurisdictions in Canada, Ontario is struggling to regulate health professionals in a way that both protects patients and the public, but also provides flexible oversight to ensure health professionals are able to exercise their full scope of practice including their depth of knowledge, specific skill set and professional judgement.

In this episode, Harry Cayton, former Chief Executive of the U.K.’s Professional Standards Authority joins Ian Chesney to discuss regulated health professions in Ontario, lessons learned from across Canada and what challenges and opportunities Ontario’s regulatory model presents to policy makers.

Harry Cayton brings a wealth of knowledge to the field of professional regulation. He is the former Chief Executive for the Professional Standards Authority in the U.K. and has assisted many governments in Canada and around the world in enhancing and reforming their health care regulatory oversight mechanisms and processes.

Mr. Cayton received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and was awarded a Fellowship through Distinction from the Faculty of Public Health. He has also been awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire, which recognizes his service to the health care system through regulatory reform.

Most recently, Harry led the public inquiry into the operations of the B.C. College of Dental Surgeons, which led to significant recommendations for regulatory reform of the profession.