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Episode 22: Overcoming Ideology in Health System Delivery
May 25, 2023

Episode 22: Overcoming Ideology in Health System Delivery

There is a strong belief in Canada that our health system is inherently “universal” and “public”, despite longstanding and long-term collaborations between partners from across sectors.

Recent debates about the pros and cons of opening health care to “other organizations” have ramped up on the heels of Ontario’s February 2023 announcement to expand the role of private clinics in the province’s delivery of health care. Not up for debate; however, are the pressures within the system – an aging population, a health human resource crisis, a rise in chronic illness and barriers accessing care.

Traditional thinking and old solutions won’t address these crises. The question then becomes “what is the right mix of new policies and programs that can provide Canadians with the kind of high-quality, accessible, publicly funded health care that seems increasingly out of reach?”

In this podcast episode, Ross Wallace is joined by Bernard Lord, Chief Executive Officer of Medavie, to explore the private delivery of publicly funded health care services, and the value of collaboration to meet the health care needs of Canadians.

Bernard Lord became Chief Executive Officer of Medavie in September 2016 where he provides strategic leadership to further the company’s mission to improve the wellbeing of Canadians. He is also currently the Chair of the International Federation of Health Plans, the Chair of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association and the President of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans.

Bernard was elected four times to the New Brunswick Legislature and was Premier of New Brunswick from 1999 to 2006. Throughout his career, he has served on boards of several companies and organizations and has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors.

Bernard is a Queen’s Counsel and has been inducted into the Order of Moncton and the Order of New Brunswick.

Learn more about Medavie here.