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Episode 4: Susan Fitzpatrick on What’s Next for OHTs
June 15, 2020

Almost a year and a half ago, Ontario introduced its large-scale plan to integrate health care providers with the goal of creating a patient focused and streamlined system. However, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the province just a few months after the first Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) were announced in December 2019.

In this episode, Keltie Gale, Senior Consultant at Santis Health, and Susan Fitzpatrick explore what Ontario’s health transformation agenda might look like with the pressures of COVID-19. How will OHTs support the province’s COVID-19 response? How will ongoing issues, including system capacity and virtual care, be addressed?

Susan Fitzpatrick has over 30 years of experience in Ontario’s health care system. She was appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer of Ontario Health and as the inaugural CEO, Susan led the province’s newest health agency through one of the largest mergers in recent health history. In 2015, Susan was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network and just a few weeks ago, Susan joined the Santis Health team as a Senior Advisor.