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Episode 5: Dr. Naveed Mohammad on a Path Forward for Ontario’s Hospitals
June 29, 2020

Building capacity in Ontario’s hospitals has been a core pillar in the province’s COVID-19 response. More than three months after the provincial government declared a state of emergency, the question is, how are our hospitals holding up? How are they navigating this next — somewhat uncertain — phase in Ontario’s health care transformation plans?

In this episode, Dr. Naveed Mohammad, President and CEO of William Osler Health System, sits down with Dan Carbin to discuss system capacity, health equity, and hallway health care amidst the pressures of a global pandemic.

Dr. Naveed Mohammad was appointed President and CEO of William Osler Health System in April 2020. Osler is one of Canada’s largest community hospital systems, serving 1.3 million people living in a fast growing and culturally-diverse region. Dr. Mohammad joined Osler in 1997 as an emergency physician at Etobicoke General and has held a number of progressively senior physician leadership roles. Most previously, Dr. Mohammad was Osler’s Executive Vice-President, Quality, Medical and Academic Affairs.

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