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Designing and facilitating a national stakeholder process: Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies


In the fall of 2016, Santis was engaged by CAPCA – the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies – to design and implement a national stakeholder consultation process in support of the organization’s newly-launched “pan-Canadian Cancer Drug Funding Sustainability Initiative.”

CAPCA embarked on a new initiative – the creation of a “prioritization framework” for new and existing cancer drugs that will help its members better evaluate and compare budget impact as it relates to clinical impact and patient outcomes.

In anticipation of the high level of stakeholder interest, CAPCA sought to develop a Stakeholder Consultation Process as the framework was finalized and revised that would inform and engage two key constituencies: (1) the biopharmaceutical industry; and (2) patient organizations and advocates.

CAPCA engaged Santis in November 2016 to assist in providing information to these key communities, seeking their input on core implementation questions, and building a foundation for future communication.

What Santis Did

Santis Health launched a phased stakeholder consultation strategy over a six-month period. It involved research design, outreach and engagement, developing a range of communications and presentation materials, engagement with the stakeholder community and analysis and implications of that outreach.

Activities included introductory webinars; facilitated stakeholder roundtables with emerging themes summarized and circulated to all interested parties; an online stakeholder feedback survey with the opportunity to share reactions, reflections and recommendations; and a detailed research insights document including distilled strategic recommendations


Santis Health’s integrated, patient-centred and accelerated approach provided CAPCA with the knowledge and considerations it needed to not only successfully implement their new framework, but also to shape and refine its long-term outreach and communications strategy.

More than 200 patient and industry stakeholders from seven provinces attended our inaugural webinar, and more than 100 attendees were engaged to participate in roundtables